Homemade vibraphone pickups.

This is what i used to make them:

.37 piezo disks

.40 monophonic plugs and jacks (37 for bars and 3 for in and outputs)

.monophonic cable

.superglue (about 4 units)

.black silicone (100%)

.solder and all what implies the use of it.

that's it, got the quite cheap materials, and did it. It does the job incredibly well and it did cost about 75 dollars. here's a sound clip to check it out, went thru a 60watt behringer amp with no effects into my pc, no editing at all. there's a little saturation because the volume of the microphone input was a little high.



The piezo disk costs about 30 cents.

a single pickup. the solder was covered with silicone to ensure safe flexibility.

The colector rail for the natural bars, as seen from below. One plug goes into the other colector and the other plug goes to the amplifier.

The golden disks are the piezo elements.

The pickups attached to the colector rail. instead of the k&k, i located the colector rail in the inner side of the keybed, since i don't use resonators (i was using musser ampli-vibe pickups 'till now, but i couldn't stand them anymore!)